Cotuit Fire Boat

A September 25, 2018 photo from the Cotuit Fire District website that shows the fire department’s 29′ Metal Shark Marine moored to the dock at 916 Main St. with the bow facing away from shore. Note the recent repairs to the dock.

For the past several years, the Cotuit Fire Department has had use of the docks at 916 Main St. and 932 Main St—at first for free and later for an annual fee. These are pre-existing, well-maintained, and easily accessible docks, but they are not a permanent solution. In his request for a special permit to build a dock, the applicant has offered to meet this need, by providing mooring for the fire boat in perpetuity. While this offer may be soon withdrawn—as recent feedback from the Conservation Commission and the ZBA prompted the applicant to scale down his plans—it nevertheless underscores the importance of finding longterm mooring for the fire boat. We agree a temporary lease is far from ideal, but the construction of a private dock abutting our town dock is not the solution we deserve. We urge the village to pursue other alternatives.

The Cotuit Fire Department puts their lives on the line to ensure the safety of Cotuit residents, and we support their efforts in doing the same on the water.

If you have suggestions or ideas for a possible long-term solution, please pass your thoughts along to the appropriate committees and public servants listed under contacting local officials. 

Double rainbow over Cotuit Bay. Abutting docks and Town Dock are shown.
Double rainbow over Cotuit Bay, Spring 2020