On February 25, 2021, the applicant withdrew the special permit request without prejudice. This means that they can submit an application for a similar project at any time. Please consider subscribing below to receive updates on any future applications as well as other issues of interest to the Cotuit community
Credit: John Phelan


The Town of Barnstable is currently reviewing an application to substantially alter the shoreline adjacent to the Cotuit’s Town Dock, and the plan would involve the excavation of 3,000 square feet of land and the construction of a private 155-foot pier (95’ permanent dock followed by 60’ of floats.) The proposal also calls for mooring four power boats, with motors totaling more than 1000 horsepower.1 If approved, the pier will run approximately parallel with the Town Dock, past the second float of dinghies, leaving only a 13’ channel for small vessels to navigate.

Cotuit residents are just learning of the application, which has been in the works since 2019, when the applicant bought up two adjoining properties: 910 Main Street and 33 Oyster Place. In the last few weeks, town officials have received a flood of letters from Cotuit residents opposing the new dock—it is important we keep our momentum.

The special permit request is still awaiting approval from Barnstable’s Zoning Board of Appeals and the Conservation Commission, and we believe we have a strong chance of defeating the project on multiple grounds. Most importantly, there is a prohibition against new docks in Cotuit Bay, in order to protect public access to the shoreline and preserve the local shellfish habitat. This ban was approved with overwhelming support from Cotuit residents. The proposed dock would also be detrimental to traffic at and around the Town Dock, Cotuit’s only public pier, and would contribute to erosion. These are just a few of the reasons we oppose the application to build a dock at 33 Oyster Place.

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  1. Representatives for applicant recently indicated that they are considering a revision to the design, but to the best of our knowledge, these remain the official plans.