Update-June 26

Appeal No. 2021-021 (relating to the properties at 33 Oyster Place and 910 Main Street) was granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals on June 23rd. The suggested conditions of the variance were adjusted slightly and approved as well. Condition #3 initially stated, “there shall be no further expansion of the structures, construction of accessory structures, or impervious surface coverage on the lot.” The applicant requested that the language of this condition be adjusted to include the wording “without approval of the Board.”

During the hearing, the applicant noted that the plans included with this request offered the Board a “big picture” overview of the proposed project. There was no mention of waterfront alterations included in these plans or in the applicant’s presentation.

Major waterfront alterations, which included the construction of a private pier, were part of plans provided with a previous ZBA request pertaining to these properties (Appeal No. 2020-042). Because Appeal No. 2020-042 was withdrawn without prejudice, it is not clear whether additional requests will be forthcoming or whether a future request might include alterations to the waterfront. However, it is our hope that the “big picture” plans provided with Appeal No. 2021-021 reflect the complete scope of the intentions for these properties.

Lastly, it is important to note that part of this variance request involved the installation of I/A NitROE wastewater treatment systems on both properties. These systems are a promising step toward reducing nitrogen loading to the Three Bays and surrounding watershed. We are hopeful that awareness of this eco-friendly technology continues to increase and that more systems will be installed throughout Cape Cod in the near future.